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CityView customers adopt Workspace – The CityView browser-based interface
June 1, 2019
Organizations across North America are looking at ways to reduce their IT costs and streamline the roll out of new functionality to their users. CityView’s browser-based interface – Workspace – allows them to do just that.

Over the last few months, CityView has helped four customers migrate from the traditional desktop version of CityView to the new browser-based interface.

Workspace allows users to access the familiar interface and full features of CityView from any modern browser. For IT departments, Workspace means that they no longer have to deploy an installed application to all of the end user workstations nor will they have to manage updates.

“Mountain View County has been using Workspace for a number of years now and it is a change that we have not regretted! Switching from Desktop to Workspace is comparable to driving in a jalopy at 20 mph then jumping into a sports car and accelerating to 120 mph - the difference is just that noticeable,” says Peggy Grochmal, Development and Permitting Officer, Mountain View County.

“Workspace, along with the Word Add-In, has given us the ability to customize and improve the data we collect and enhance the service we provide to our rate payers," she continued. "The switch over to Workspace from Desktop was relatively simple and staff had few issues with learning how to use and navigate within Workspace as the workflow is more intuitive and flows more logically.”

Workspace, CityView’s browser-based interface, is ideal for cloud computing. Based on the very latest of browser technologies, it features the flexibility and configurability you’ve come to expect from your CityView software in an intuitive, easy to use interface.