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Customer Buzz from the City of Cornwall, ON
February 12, 2015

Bernadine Robertson from the City of Cornwall, ON, wrote in recently with compliments to the CityView training and support staff:

“Good Morning ; Happy February ... I just wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to the support staff and the training staff - especially Ian :)

“As you know - Cornwall (Christian and I) recently took 2014.10 CityView Configuration Training via a Webinar with Ian - and it went well. Ian was very supportive and knowledgeable - and when he was not sure of something - he found the answer for us eventually. A gentleman and a scholar.

“There were times during the past two weeks (while we were configuring) when we had challenges where other staff was often requested for assistance - and they came through for us - in good time. There are still a few outstanding items that are being looked into by your staff - however, we do anticipate a follow-up by them soon!

“So all that to say MERCI, THANK YOU, GRACIAS. Very much appreciated! Cheers, Bernadine and Christian.”