Service Requests

CityView Service Requests automates and manages citizen submissions for service, complaints, or inquiries.

ServiceBy providing a centralized database to contain citizen requests for service (such as road or park maintenance), complaints, and general inquiries, CityView Service Requests ensures that your agency is able to access real-time information about the status of any request at any time.

Managing information using this module is easy, saving staff time and reducing their overall response time to incoming requests. For example, CityView Service Requests helps you:

  • Manage your request data. By providing a centralized data store for all requests, customer or interdepartmental checks on the status of any request become quick and easy. Requests can even be routed through CityView’s workflow to multiple departments.
  • Streamline and Provide Enhanced Service. Providing excellent constituency services can be an overwhelming challenge for many agencies struggling with insufficient resources. CityView’s Service Requests assist in this process by streamlining and automating many of the time consuming processes.

CityView Service Requests will aid your jurisdiction with providing exceptional customer service for all requests from road and park maintenance to garbage collection and general inquiries.