Permits & Inspections

Streamline and automate your Building and Engineering Department’s permit approval and issuance processes from initial application to occupancy or use. CityView Permits & Inspections provides you with an efficient approach to permitting that simplifies and standardizes your workflows, and allows you to schedule and record your inspections quickly and with ease, whether updating them back at the office or in real time, in the field, through CityView Mobile.

The Power of CityView Permits & Inspections

  • Improve customer service with user-friendly search tools and real-time data access. Allow applicants to retrieve status information online through the CityView Portal; and, enable staff to respond to customer inquiries and FOI requests quickly and easily with CityView’s drag-and-drop report writer.
  • Automatically assign and schedule inspections and put an end to time-consuming manual processes. Allow contractors to schedule inspections via the CityView Portal during their off-hours and even allow inspectors to schedule ad-hoc inspections from the field.
  • Manage and track your permits in a central location. Everything you need to know about a permit from owner and contractor information to related sub permits, utility releases to expiration dates, is instantly available and readily accessible by all departments.
  • Streamline your business processes with tailored workflows that allow you to define deadlines and automatically create next steps like plan checks and inspections, ensuring that all activities related to a permit application are completed in the correct order and accurate status information is available at any point in time.
  • Eliminate inaccurate fee collection with an integrated fees module that allows you to configure, calculate and collect fees using even the most complex fee structure. Easily manage drawdown of deposits, bonds and escrows and receive notifications when specified limits are reached.
  • Make informed decisions with intuitive reports that allow you to quickly and easily assess the status of all permits and inspections, their related fees and the length of time they have existed in the system.

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