Parking Management

CityView Parking Management provides a comprehensive solution for parking tickets and permits, including on-street ticket entry, ticket processing, and permit tracking.

CityView Parking Management automates the ticketing process from start to finish. Your staff will appreciate the ease of data entry, advanced search capabilities, and automatic fine calculations. Timed parking, permit tracking and issuance, lot inventory, residential parking, and tow/boot management are all augmented by CityView’s inherent benefits, such as attaching documents and images, and auto-generated correspondence.

In addition, CityView’s many out-of-the-box features can be used to build out your process whether that includes billing and payment, scheduling Hearings or workflows that meet your unique business needs.

The Power of CityView Parking Management

  • Ease of Data Entry. Whether you are entering tickets via handheld devices or manually entering them into the Desktop software, CityView’s data entry screens are built for speed and accuracy.
  • Location Management. CityView’s distinct method of managing Location-based data simplifies the entry and subsequent reporting of traditionally complex parking scenarios, e.g. on-street parking, lot and residential parking, metered parking, and timed parking.
  • Exception Notifications When a plate number is entered into the system, it can be checked for repeat offences, stolen vehicles, immunity (for diplomatic, emergency and other plate types) and then the system will guide the user to undertake appropriate actions.
  • Determining Fines. Fine amounts can be selected from a filtered list; or, business rules can be configured to add the appropriate fines automatically.
  • Reporting Capabilities. Data can easily be retrieved based on plate or ticket numbers as well as any other piece of information in the system. CityView’s user-friendly Report designer allows anyone to create slick and useful reports with limited technical knowledge.