CityView Licensing allows you to control licensing for any type of business. It manages workflow for you, from tracking and issuing business licenses that are going to expire to generating batch renewal notices, creating tax certificates, and producing correspondence logs. With CityView Licensing you will increase revenue because you can accurately track expired business licenses and correctly calculate penalty fees and interest.

The Power of CityView Business Licensing

  • Accurately track licenses and renewals for businesses and contractors as well as any other type of licenses issued.
  • Simplify your workflow with automations that track, issue and renew expiring business licenses, generate and process batch renewal notices, create tax certificates and produce correspondence logs. Never manually regenerate license renewal paperwork again.
  • Correctly collect fees by easily identifying expired licenses and accurately calculating penalty and interest charges. CityView's integrated fees module means you no longer need to rely on manual calculations, CityView automatically works it out for you ensuring you collect the correct amount.
  • Create action items based on precise, timely data. Flexible reports allow you to easily determine the status of all businesses in the system including whether their license fees have been paid by the expected date and what the value of these outstanding fees is.

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