Cemetery Management

CityView Cemetery Management allows you to efficiently track your entire cemetery inventory, respond to genealogical inquiries, and automate all of your business processes including plot reservation and purchases as well as all of the activities that take place in your cemeteries.

CemeteryWith Cemetery Management you will be able to easily determine plot availability, manage maintenance and repair, schedule interments and burial services, and facilitate retrieval of records by both staff and the public. Cemetery Applications lets you to track transfers and returns of plots, as well as memorial and monument applications. Staff can do their work efficiently from anywhere in the cemetery using CityView Mobile.

CityView’s Cemetery Management module is simple, affordable, and flexible enough to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Enjoy all of the following benefits: 

  • Inventory Tracking. Track inventory for one or more cemeteries, including multiple levels of division (e.g. section, row). Easily scalable to account for addition of new sections, mausoleums, columbaria and other expansions.
  • Comprehensive Information Management. Access to plot inventory, reservations, interments, funeral home and other contacts, fees, correspondence, and attached images/documents. Record unlimited detail for each interment, including birth date, cause of death, religious or military affiliation, next of kin. With custom data fields, virtually any type of related information to be tracked, searched, and reported.
  • Coordination and Scheduling. Track multiple positions within a plot based on plot type and burial type, guaranteeing accurate placement and allowing for exceptions (existing misplaced remains, mass graves, unidentified remains, and ossuaries). Ensure that burial services do not conflict with other activities in the cemetery such as interments, disinterments, graffiti/repairs, monument erecting, and perpetual care.
  • Applications and Approvals. CityView’s proven expertise in application tracking, workflow and approval routing makes anything possible, whether you’re processing applications for markers, memorials, monuments, inscriptions, return of plots, or transfers.
  • Productivity. Fully integrated mapping, online Portal and kiosk, as well as support for popular mobile technology allow staff and public users to access information from anywhere. Auto-generated correspondence, cloning, bulk creation of plots, and batch processes all reduce the need for staff to perform manual, repetitive tasks.