CityView Cashiering guarantees that accurate, correct revenue collection is no longer an ongoing challenge; it's simply a matter of inputting it into the system.

CityView Cashiering centralizes the collection of revenues from all CityView modules. With Cashiering you can rest assured that robust cash controls will protect your users from making mistakes and safeguard you from liability issues, all without creating arduous processes. Discover the power of CityView cashiering today!

The Power of CityView Cashiering

  • Manage your revenue in a central location for all your community development and licensing initiatives. Autogenerate and autolog transaction numbers, receipt numbers, payment date and payment receiver to create an audit trail of monies received.
  • Easily set up and change your fee structure to meet your exact requirements and set automatic fee activation and expiry dates. CityView automatically calculates and populates the required fees depending on the application type, eliminating manual entry and calculation errors.
  • Meet all standard cashiering expectations by splitting payments into multiple payment methods or joining them into a single transaction or reversing, refunding and voiding transactions as required. Update all applications, permits, citations and licenses with fees payment information like payee and receipt.
  • Understand your revenue with reports that for example, detail all payment transactions for a given time period by account, like Building Permit Fees, or by payment method. Browse payment history and export transaction batches into your accounting system.