Animal Licensing

Animal licensing enables the management of the approval, licensing and renewal process that keeps an accurate record of all licensed animals in the jurisdiction. Linking animals and parcels and owners means for a given parcel or owner a summary of not just all land management records is readily available, but animal records as well. Flexible searching options enables pre-defined and ad hoc searches, including the integration with GIS, to locate dangerous animals, lost animals, and/or animals with expired licenses. Integration with other CityView land management modules keeps all field inspectors informed of any relevant animal information that can help them in their field inspection operations, be they with building, code enforcement, rental or business inspections.

Features & Benefits:

  • Completely integrates with all CityView modules enabling association of animals to properties and owners,
  • Supports tag renewal providing efficient batch renewal process
  • Supports multi-tier fee structure, variable fees, discounts and adjustments
  • Integrates completely with CityView Cashiering
  • Integrates with GIS
  • Ability to track animals as they move between properties or change owners,
  • Track distinguishing features for recognition of animals
  • Attach images and documents with license records
  • Generate license certificates and renewal notices
  • Support multiple owner contacts per animal and multiple animals per owner
  • Search animals by license number, property, owner, distinguishing features, license status and more
  • Track immunization records