CityView Suite

The CityView Suite is your out-of-the-box software solution containing all you need to manage Property Information, Permits and Inspections, Planning, Code Enforcement, Licensing, Animal Licensing, Service Requests, Rental Housing, Cemetery Management, Parking Management, and Cashiering.  

“The payback of using CityView has been big for Grove City. We average 3000 commercial and residential permits and over 8000 inspections a year and we’re able to do this with 3 permit clerks and 4 building inspectors. Nearly 60 percent of our inspections are now scheduled online so we had almost 4000 fewer inspections-related phone calls in 2009. Our contractors love that they get their inspection results by email as soon as the inspection is done. We’ve seen a reduction in the number of call-backs and cancelled inspections because they can now be scheduled after we close for the day. It used to take us several weeks to get all the information together for annual state reports but now we’re able to generate those same reports and have them in the mail in minutes. CityView has dramatically improved the way we do business and allows us to increase the level of service that we provide to our citizens. That’s why we even named a street after the software.”

- Mike Boso, City of Grove City, OH

Explore the CityView Suite:

  • Property Information. CityView Property Information provides you with a powerful inventory of your organization's property base to help your department find information quickly. Quickly view all data and land management activities associated with a given parcel.
  • Permits & Inspections. Streamline and automate your Building and Engineering Department’s permit approval and issuance processes from initial application to occupancy or use. CityView Permits & Inspections provides you with an efficient approach to permitting that simplifies and standardizes your workflows, and allows you to schedule and record your inspections quickly and with ease, whether updating them back at the office or in real time, in the field, through CityView Mobile.
  • Planning. Track and manage all types of planning and development applications from beginning to end, reviewing and meeting mandated milestones along the way. Route the approvals; schedule and record the hearings; automate neighborhood notifications through seamless GIS integration; and monitor conditions through the life cycle of the project.
  • Code/Bylaw Enforcement. Track and manage your Code/Bylaw Enforcement incidents from citizen complaint to case resolution. CityView Code/Bylaw Enforcement ensures your department provides consistent, efficient services, starting with automated inspector assignments based location, priority, or case type. Together with CityView Mobile, code enforcement officers are able to manage and close out more cases each year, ensuring building and nuisance codes are upheld and enforced.
  • Licensing. CityView Licensing allows you to control licensing for any type of business. It manages workflow for you, from tracking and issuing business licenses that are going to expire to generating batch renewal notices, creating tax certificates, and producing correspondence logs. With CityView Licensing you will increase revenue because you can accurately track expired business licenses and correctly calculate penalty fees and interest.
  • Animal Licensing. Our Animal License module helps you manage the approval, licensing and renewal process to ensure accurate records of all licensed animals within your jurisdiction.
  • Rental Housing. CityView Rental Housing automates and manages your entire Rental Housing and compliance initiatives. Owners and property managers of rental premises have the responsibility to provide basic necessities, and are required to ensure that the premises are properly maintained.
  • Service Requests. By providing a centralized database to contain citizen requests for service (such as road or park maintenance), complaints, and general inquiries, CityView Service Requests ensures that your agency is able to access real-time information about the status of any request at any time.
  • Cemetery Management. CityView Cemetery Management allows you to efficiently track your entire cemetery inventory, respond to genealogical inquiries, and automate all of your business processes including plot reservation and purchases as well as all of the activities that take place in your cemeteries.
  • Parking Management. CityView Parking Management provides a comprehensive solution for parking tickets and permits, including on-street ticket entry, ticket processing, and permit tracking.
  • CashieringCityView Cashiering centralizes the collection of revenues from all CityView modules. With Cashiering you can rest assured that robust cash controls will protect your users from making mistakes and safeguard you from liability issues, all without creating arduous processes. Discover the power of CityView cashiering today!