Other Extensions

CityView offers a variety of extensions with other software that helps to complete your CityView solution:

Electronic Document Management System Integration

Centralized management of the multiple documents and images associated with permitting and licensing processes is critical. CityView’s distinctive framework for integrating with Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) has been used extensively with industry leading EDMS products such as Laserfiche, OnBaseSharePoint, PaperVision, eB, Fortis, Oracle IBPM and HP Trim.

Through the integration CityView can both post documents and images to the EDMS, populating the required metadata as well as dynamically retrieve this content from the EDMS based on related metadata. This ensures your CityView users adopt your corporate records management practices while working through their day-today use of CityView; they don’t have to navigate away from CityView while adding or retrieving documents from the EDMS. This effectively eliminates the learning curve associated with implementing an EDMS.

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Microsoft Exchange Extension

Making the most of your inspectors’ time is key to servicing customer demands. CityView’s integration with MS Exchange provides an automated feature for agencies to coordinate inspections scheduling so that inspectors are not double-booked, inspectors’ workloads are balanced, and the most efficient use of inspectors’ time is achieved.

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Microsoft Outlook Add-in

Because much of your business is conducted via email, emails have become vital corporate electronic documents and they are now considered legal documents of record. Just as it is important to attach related PDFs, Word documents, images, recordings and other evidence and history to your CityView permits, cases, licenses etc., the same is true of emails.

The CityView Outlook Add-in allows data from CityView and Outlook to be easily shared between the two applications. Installing this add-in provides you with a rapid means to ensure complete document and communications histories with your CityView records and, in addition, delivers amazing productivity tools that enhance the productivity of your users by leveraging MS Outlook tasks, appointments and to-do lists.

"...We had CityView 2013 and the Outlook Add-In installed in production on Friday. The new search tool is really slick! It is going to save people a lot of time. I think people are as excited about the new search tool as they are about the Outlook Add-In. "Your developers did a great job with the new search tool! Our users are really impressed by how easy it is to use. There were many happy CityView users this morning when we introduced them to the new tool and the Outlook Add-In."

- Scott Salsbury, Blue Earth County, MN

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Microsoft Word Add-in

Microsoft Word is the de facto word processing tool used by almost everyone. The CityView Word Add-in lets you create your standardized correspondence templates and use them within the CityView business process, capitalizing on user-friendly, powerful editing features and merging CityView data seamlessly into your letter outputs.

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Web Services Extension

CityView’s Web Services Application Programming Interface (API) is used for programmatic integrations with third party applications. The most common use has been for integration with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems for inspection requests, status checks, fee checks and more. Our IVR partners include Selectron and Summation 360.

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Application Builder

CityView Application Builder is a development toolkit that lets you develop additional applications to perfectly match your organizational needs. These tools provide an unprecedented level of customer independence and the opportunity to increase your return on investment.

When you use CityView Application Builder, you use development tools designed specifically to create applications for local government. This means that you use your own expertise and staff to create applications, rather than hiring expensive external programmers to write software for you. Whether you are adding an additional module to automate an area of your business that has no vendor-available solution, or simply creating an additional data entry screen, you capitalize on the inherent feature set of CityView, such as GIS integration, productivity-enhancing to-do lists, extensive ad hoc reporting capability, CityView’s exceptional configuration tools and more, to deliver a low-cost, high return development experience.

With a set of tools like CityView Application Builder, you can do more than you ever expected. In fact, we used CityView Application Builder to create the CityView Suite. When you invest in CityView Application Builder, you invest in complete control, flexibility, and lower total cost of ownership.

“It is fantastic that the CityView software gives me the flexibility to make these changes. No other software out there would let us do that without significant contracting dollars needing to be spent.”

- Craig McEachern, City of Airdrie, AB