CityView Portal

The CityView Portal provides citizens and contractors with the means to self-serve. CityView Web forms have a crisp, modern look-and-feel, and searching is as easy as typing your name! Data entry follows a stepwise, intuitive process so that end user training is not required.

The CityView Portal is completely integrated into your CityView solution so there is no need for double entry of data and there is no redundancy. The Portal is also integrated with Esri ArcGIS Server, Electronic Document Management Systems such as LaserFiche, and online payment processors such as PayGov, Moneris e-Select, PayFlow Link, and more.

Using the Portal, citizens and contractors can initiate code cases, apply for permits, request meetings and inspections, view public information regarding specific properties, and much more. The functionality offered is specific to the needs of municipal constituents.

Save time and increase customer convenience

  • Registration. Portal users can register online, be provided secure credentials and access a host of services and information unique to their dealings with your municipality, including subscribing to activities of interest and receiving automated notifications. Each registered user gets their own dashboard of business dealings they have with you, providing them one stop access to initiate permits and inspection requests, check status and pay fees.

  • Business and Contractor Licensing. Businesses can apply for licenses, obtain up-to-date status information pertaining to their business license or business license application, and pay any fees they owe, including renewals.

  • Permitting. It’s all covered, from permit application through fee payment, to issuance and inspection requests.

  • Complaint Tracking. Citizens can log complaints which will be instantly viewable by municipal staff members who deal with code/bylaw enforcement incidents. Constituents can easily monitor the status of their complaints.

  • Pay code/bylaw enforcement fees and/or fines. Citizens can pay any fees and/or fines they owe on a code/bylaw enforcement case.

  • Planning. Developers and contractors can apply for planning and zoning approvals, view status, request meetings, pay fees, and keep informed on project progress.

  • Service Requests. Citizens can submit and track service requests online, such as reporting a pothole, a street light outage or a downed tree in a park. Citizens can make service requests from home, office or from their smartphone device. CityView’s Portal service requests feature integrates with GIS; accommodates attached images; and includes GPS awareness.

  • Subscription Notifications. Citizens can subscribe to receive notifications on activities of interest with their municipality. For example, a realtor could subscribe to be notified of all new subdivisions in a neighborhood or neighborhoods of interest. A nature-conscious citizen may choose to be notified of all tree permits applied for in his neighborhood. Notifications provided daily or up to the minute help reduce call volume at the customer service desk and provide superior service to your citizens.