CityView Mobile

Empower your inspectors with CityView field solutions
“We take the office to the field and bring the field to the office.”

CityView Mobile provides building, engineering, enforcement parks and rental inspectors with the necessary tools to record their inspections in real time from their smartphones or tablets. CityView Mobile is built for ease of use and ease of deployment, incorporating practical functionality to enable you to get the job done. What’s more, CityView Mobile provides for continued use in situations where you lose Wifi or cellular connectivity whilst in the field.

The need to record inspection results on paper and then later enter into the system is gone! With CityView Mobile you can record your inspection results and print the inspection report right there and then through a Bluetooth-enabled printer; what’s more, you can have CityView automatically let your contractor know by email what the inspection results were.

“I was impressed with how quickly CityView Mobile was implemented for Augusta, GA. After one small configuration change made by Tech Support, we were up and running. This is one of the most efficient mobile applications we’ve dealt with. Our Building Inspectors really like it.”
--Debbie Freeman, IT Project Manager from Augusta-Richmond County, GA

“Our contractors love that they get their inspection results by email as soon as the inspection is done.”
--Mike Boso, Chief Building Official, from City of Grove City, OH

CityView Mobile is created for iPads, iPhones, Blackberries, Playbooks, Androids, Windows mobile phones and more. It connects you live with your municipality so you can work from your desk, vehicle or onsite using your preferred device and have the system updated while you work.

CityView Mobile lets your inspectors:

  • Access their inspections to-do lists for the day and view them on a map.
  • Complete inspections in the field, accessing the inspections history.
  • Schedule inspections from the field.
  • Look up Contractors to display the status of their licenses i.e. whether current and valid.
  • Perform permit searches to check for status and outstanding fees.
  • Perform property searches to check for valid permits, code enforcement cases etc.
  • Navigate extensively through all of the above.
  • Automate inspection result emails to contractors.
  • Print inspection reports in the field.
  • Create Code/Bylaw Enforcement cases and issue notices of violation.
  • Upload pictures.
  • And more!