CityView GIS

CityView integrates deeply with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Whether you are using GIS as the source of your parcel information; dynamically querying the geodatabase for required attributes; or accessing map services inside CityView for spatial assessment, GIS is weaved into the front desk process of every CityView user. CityView’s integration with Esri’s ArcGIS Server allows maps to be easily accessed and viewed from the municipal offices, to the field, to the homes of constituents.

Integrated GIS capabilities allow even non-GIS staff to quickly locate a job location on a map; measure distance, boundaries and areas, create adjacent and buffered spatial queries for mailing lists and export information to other departmental systems.

CityView is a long-time Esri business partner and we are committed to continuously improving and leveraging the advancements made in GIS to the benefit of our user community.