CityView Electronic Plans Review

Bluebeam logoCityView's Electronic Plans Review (EPR) provides a paperless solution for streamlining your review process while improving communication. The exceptional capabilities of CityView for submittal tracking, approval routing, version control and workflow are combined with the PDF creation, editing, markup and collaboration features of Bluebeam's flagship product, Bluebeam Revu. With CityView’s EPR solution, you can easily circulate, review, mark up and compare documents, plans and construction drawings and collaborate online, in real time.

Through CityView Portal, customers can upload electronic documents and plans directly to a submittal checklist you design. CityView receives the electronic plans into its document repository where they can be verified and released for review. Reviewers can then use Bluebeam Revu for review and markup. Marked up documents can be flattened and made available on Portal for the client to review.

Bluebeam Studio lets you collaborate with other reviewers, designers or contractors in real time. CityView will track document versions and resubmittals. The result is a paperless procedure that shortens the review process and offers exceptional service to your contractors, applicants and architects. Integrating Bluebeam Revu with CityView offers a solution that saves time, money, and the environment while increasing overall satisfaction.

"Utilizing CityView's Electronic Plans Review solution will enhance Rocky View County's planning and engineering review processes...The tool will provide an opportunity to increase service and efficiency through automation and ultimately allow for a consistent method of plan evaluation."

- Jennifer Dick, GIS Analyst Rocky View County, Calgary, AB

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