CityView Extensions

The CityView modules are enhanced with supplemental modules and integrations that add value to your total CityView solution by streamlining the flow of data, improving the efficiency with which your staff can achieve their daily tasks, and removing paper from many processes. These include:

  • CityView Electronic Plans Review. CityView combines electronic submission, versioning and workflow capabilities with the vast functionality of Bluebeam Revu for integrated electronic plans review, management of marked up documents and online collaboration. CityView is an authorized reseller of Bluebeam products.
  • CityView Mobile. CityView Mobile provides inspectors with the tools they need to maximize their field time and productivity. CityView Mobile works on all modern smartphone and tablet devices. CityView Mobile is offered with all CityView modules and CityView Essentials.
  • CityView Portal. CityView’s citizen Portal provides constituents, contractors and businesses with the means to self-serve, improving their customer experience while aiding your productivity. Completely integrated with the CityView solutions, whether applying for a permit, submitting a complaint, paying for a license renewal or requesting an inspection, your CityView system has the information and triggers your response right away. CityView Portal is offered with all CityView modules and CityView Essentials.
  • GIS IntegrationCityView provides a seamless integration with Esri ArcGIS Server in the office, on the Web and in the field. Whether being used for spatial analysis, measurement, information gathering, permit/case/license/request initiation, buffer selections, spatial queries, property information or more, CityView brings GIS to the desk of every user and provides them with a toolset that offers time-savings for critical tasks throughout the business process. GIS integration is offered with all CityView modules and CityView Essentials.
  • Microsoft Outlook Add-in. All we’ll say is this: if you think MS Outlook helps you communicate more effectively with your customers and organize your day better, and you know CityView initiates assignments for you and stores your land-based documentation, wait till you try the two together!
  • Microsoft Word Add-in. Microsoft Word is the de facto word processing tool used by almost everyone. The CityView Word Add-in lets you create your standardized correspondence templates and use them within the CityView business process, capitalizing on user-friendly, powerful editing features and merging CityView data seamlessly into your letter outputs.
  • Other CityView Extensions. CityView offers a host of additional extensions that complement your CityView solution, including a Microsoft Exchange Extension, a Web Services API, application development tools, integration with five leading Electronic Document Management Systems and more.