Since 2002, BluePrince has been helping local governments across the United States track and manage their permitting and community development activities and initiatives. With 90 customers in 25 states, BluePrince is a trusted partner in the local government community. BluePrince offers the products listed below. For more information, please visit www.blueprince.com.

  • Permits and Inspections. BluePrince’s permitting and inspection module offers municipal governments the advanced ability to create and manage all types of permits and to assign and schedule inspections.
  • Planning and Zoning. BluePrince’s comprehensive planning and zoning module allows users to handle all types of planning, zoning, and land management permits, applications, and variances.
  • Code Enforcement. BluePrince's code enforcement module reduces administrative time by 15% to 35%, automates enforcement by up to 25%, and cuts pre-trial preparation time in half.
  • GIS Services. BluePrince’s bidirectional Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration allows development departments to tap into the jurisdiction’s existing GIS system for a comprehensive geospatial view of building data.
  • Citizen Access Portal. BluePrince Citizen Access enables community members to access powerful information through a user-friendly portal which enables online management of all development information and processes.

BluePrince Support

Phone: 828-350-9950; dial 1
Email: support@blueprince.com