Local Government Building, Licensing, Inspections, Public Works and other departments use CityView products to reduce customer call volume, shorten issuance times, increase citizen self-service, increase inspector productivity, and reduce paper and manual processes.

  • CityView Suite

    The CityView Suite is your out-of-the-box software solution that includes the forms, reports and automation you need to manage Property Information, Permits and Inspections, Planning, Code Enforcement, Licensing, Animal Licensing, Service Requests, Rental Housing, Cemetery Management, Parking Management, and Cashiering.

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  • CityView Extensions

    CityView offers a variety of extensions that add value to both your CityView solution and your third party applications, including Electronic Document Management System integrations, integrations with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and Word, with a CityView Web Services API, and our CityView Application Builder that allows you to create additional applications to perfectly match your organizational needs.

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  • CityView Essentials

    CityView Essentials is a pre-configured solution that bases its workflows and business rules on the best practices of leading jurisdictions across the continent. A streamlined implementation model ensures you begin realizing value from your investment in as little as 6 weeks. CityView is dedicated to providing solutions to local governments that don’t have large IT departments and large budgets.

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  • Bluebeam

    CityView is an Authorized reseller of Bluebeam products and uses Bluebeam as an integral part of the CityView Electronic Plans Review solution. Bluebeam helps businesses go paperless with PDF creation, markup, editing and collaboration technology.

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