Debbie Freeman from the City of Augusta, GA wrote in to Project Manager Branka Wilmshurst recently with compliments to the CityView implementation team on their efforts in a CityView workflow re-configuration:

“I enjoyed our first 'post Go Live' conversation this afternoon. I am so grateful for all the hard work you and Sean did on this project!

“We had some very dedicated subject-matter-experts who provided all the necessary information in a very timely manner. We had testers who spent countless hours testing, submitting feedback and retesting. This would not have been possible without complete buy-in and support from management.

“You did a great job managing the project – keeping everything organized and on-track. Sean was able to wave his magic wand and make things work as promised. I know he worked an obscene amount of overtime to get everything done in time for GO LIVE, and we are eternally grateful!

“Please accept my sincerest gratitude. You and your team represent CityView and Harris Corporation well! I appreciate you!”

Jenny Williams, Central Permitting Director for Chatham County, NC, complimented the CityView team on the implementation and training experience:

“I want to thank Branka Wilmshurst for her patience and knowledge during our end user training. It has to be difficult dealing with the many business processes that different jurisdictions and departments follow. Branka offered Chatham County valuable insight into our business process and offered suggestions that we would not have otherwise known. She brought excitement to a group of inspectors that were nervous about the technological change of going live with Mobile and thanks to her they are embracing it.

“It was very beneficial by having the end users do the actual driving during the training; most people learn best by doing instead of watching. Thank you for bringing Chatham County up to the latest version and informing us of the latest features.

“During our Go Live the CityView team has been quick to respond to our feedback and concerns.Thank you again for being available when we need you. We know that there will be growing pains, but we also know that in the end it will be worth it. Don’t be surprised if in the future we ask Branka back to add more cool features.”

“We were looking for software for a smaller community but one that still provided the functionality we were looking for. The software not being exclusively cloud-based was a must. So far the experience has been great and we are looking forward to starting the implementation,” said Linda Broscheit, Permit Technician/Residential Inspector for the City of Whitefish, MT, which selected CityView’s BluePrince Community Development software to replace manual processes within its Planning & Building department.

“The Town of Amherstburg selected CityView because the Town wanted a flexible, scalable and highly functional software system to improve our business processes across several departments, which in turn would improve our services to the residents. We were also impressed with positive history of CityView in other municipalities and their continuous commitment to improving the CityView product,” said Antonio Marra, GIS Coordinator for the Town.

“Our end user training with the CityView staff was very informative and helpful to our staff. Thus far, CityView has helped us streamline our process, and we look forward to taking advantage of all of the other added benefits that the system provides, said Michael Ostrowski, CEcD, AICP Director of Community Development / Redevelopment Authority for the City of Stevens Point, WI.

Barb Garza, Project Manager for Kane County, IL explains the decision to upgrade from CityView 8:“This upgrade will allow Kane County to further extend electronic processing and promote better communication among our departments and external partners. We consider it another step towards better efficiency and public access to information in our permitting and licensing processes.”

Jenny Williams from Chatham County, NC wrote in with accolades for CityView project manager Branka Wilmshurst: “I just wanted to thank you for assigning Branka to our project here in Chatham County. It was great having her here last week; I feel that we got a lot accomplished and she has a real understanding of our business process.”

Kara Homan, AICP – Outagamie County, WI Planning Director and project sponsor had this to say about the selection decision: “As a County, we are always looking for opportunities to better manage our workflows in ways that ultimately put our customers and constituents first. By partnering with CityView, our goal is to increase public access and transparency in our various permitting and licensing functions.”

“As part of the City’s Managed Competition Program, outdated technology was identified as a primary impediment to maximum efficiency in our Building Inspection and Environmental Services departments,” said Leonard A. Martin, Carrollton City Manager. “The two departments have different missions, but many of their processes are similar. Replacing their technology was the only way to gain peak performance. After a lengthy evaluation of various systems, we picked CityView government solutions as a single platform that could serve the needs of both operations. We are excited to implement the system and begin the improvements in productivity.”

NPCA’s Project Manager Geoff Verkade said, “The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority is very excited to have launched CityView to facilitate its permit and plan review services. This is a significant milestone towards achieving our goal of improving performance in our development approvals process identified in our current strategic plan. Staff are using CityView’s capabilities to power a level of business intelligence and efficiency that has never existed before within the plan and permit review department.”

Mike Korman, Manager of Economic Development for the Town of Cochrane, AB, which recently went live on BluePrince commented on the implementation experience: “The BluePrince deployment team was invaluable during the implementation of the software. We had a great deal of requests that were handled quickly and professionally.”

Karen Barclay, Director of the Building Services Department and Fire Marshal for the City of Angleton, TX, explains the decision to choose BluePrince: “I decided on BluePrince after I was provided a live demonstration of the software and offered the opportunity to talk with other, similarly sized departments who were successfully using the software. The reviews from other cities using it were very positive. The helpful, first hand approach was what sealed the deal for me.”

John R. Schonewille, Director of Building and Enforcement for the Town of Grimsby, Ontario, explains the decision to upgrade: “The system will improve on our abilities to deliver an on-time and efficient permitting system to our customers. In addition, the new product has the capability to be used in the field, eliminating some duplication in our office. Our goal is to one day add the online portal for permitting, allowing more convenience to our users. In the by-law usage, we hope to be able to share property-related issues with others in the office in a much more centralized and accessible location.”

Corinne Cowdell, Executive Assistant with South Jordan City, UT, explains how the organization came to select CityView: “Of all the systems we evaluated, CityView flowed best and looked easiest to use. It looked like it was already ours. As our City grows, new processes are constantly added and CityView’s flexible system adapts easily when changes need to be made. We’re looking forward to using it for enhancing services to our customers and increasing efficiency within the City.”

Catherine Fitzgerald, Project Manger for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, the largest in southwestern Ontario, commented on being the first customer to go live with CityView’s latest product offering: Vital Records, which includes the electronic submission and tracking of marriage licensing and death registration.
“Both our staff and citizens alike will benefit from the addition of CityView’s Vital Records modules; staff will be better able to record, track and search for the information our citizens are requesting, and having all of the information available at our fingertips will help speed up processing for our constituents.”

Andrew Mellon, Associate Planner of Big Bear Lake, CA, commented on being the first BluePrince to CityView migration customer:
So far the CityView software has worked as promised and Jatinder [CityView Implementation Specialist] has been available at all times to help Big Bear Lake staff with any little problem that might arise. We plan to be using the CityView software for years to come; it will help make the processing and the organization of the Planning Department much smoother and more efficient. We look forward to adding different modules for other departments in the near future.”

Maria T. Aguilar, Village Manager, had this to say about the Village of Islamorada’s CityView upgrade:
Things are going very well. I’m consistently impressed with the web portal information [ CityView Portal ]. I use that regularly to gather background information I need for code compliance issues…go live has been a success, and Village staff is pleased.”

Dan Gin, IT Director for the Town of Schererville, IN, which went live on CityView at the end of January, wrote in recently with compliments to CityView team members Teri Wright (Project Manager) and Shannon Karner (Implementation Specialist Team Lead):
“Things are going well here. Teri & Shannon have been fantastic to work with.”

Delia Cepoi, Manager of Building Inspections for the City of Yellowknife, NT, wrote in to the CityView team to pass along positive comments from application users:
“Jeff, I just talked to Ron from Central Mechanical in regards to the CityView application and he said only good things about the new system. He mentioned I should pass this along to everybody: ‘kudos to all of you for the new system.’”

Delia continued with, “By this time of every year, for the past 8 years, work in inspections would have piled up and stress would have been increased accordingly. This year, the activity level in inspections is under control – all because of CityView.”

Andre Gravelle, Chief Building Official for the County of Brant reported on the organization’s experience with CityView so far:
CityView is has been a success for us. We are still on the learning curve but it is coming around great. Even staff who thought this was difficult have turned around and running with the program.”

Regarding the City's recent expansion of products to include CityView Business, Animal Licensing and Bylaw Enforcement, Abdallah says, I’m especially liking the flexibility of configuration, i.e. Rules, App Builder. Users have been providing positive and constructive feedback as they get more comfortable with the interface. Overall everything is going well.”
- Abdallah Hakimy, City of Airdrie, AB

The support and guidance that CityView provided during the entire project, especially at Go Live time is unparalleled. The product has supported recent process redesign initiatives and provides the County greater access to live information across multiple departments. More importantly, CityView allows for a consistent means of accepting, reviewing and deciding on application submissions as well as the flexibility to enhance and customize overtime. We are very excited to evolve and implement CityView in other areas of the County!!”
- Jennifer Dick, GIS Analyst for Rocky View County, AB

“It was a very tight timeline to get it [going live on CityView Business Licensing] done, but we managed. We all worked really hard to get this done. A big thanks to the staff at CityView for making this happen. Ian, Vince, Andy, John, and Dave all provided us with excellent service and quick responses. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to make this possible.”
- Martin Janiszewski, Programmer and Network analyst for the City of Spruce Grove, AB

Implementing CityView’s Business Licensing PreBuilt has allowed us to examine and streamline our business processes, improve communications between the various departments involved with licensing approvals, and achieve accurate reporting.”
- Jessica Sinkowski, Norfolk County, ON

“CityView will help us achieve our goal of reducing staff time required to manage business licenses by as much as 20%. This will be achieved through automation, process improvement, and improved reporting and data management. We will see improvement in customer service by being able to provide customers with faster turnaround times for processing of applications.”
- Martin Janiszewski, Programmer and Network analyst for the City of Spruce Grove, AB

"The CityView product is providing the flexibility we had been seeking in allowing our processes to be automated and to greatly expand access to live information for field inspections staff across multiple departments. The CityView team maintained a strong commitment to our project goals and have been a good partner throughout the project; we look forward to continued success as we proceed to implement additional development process enhancements for our community."
--Randy Dickey, Chief Technology Officer, City of Lee's Summit, MO

Debbie Freeman, IT Project Manager from Augusta-Richmond County, GA, appreciates the ease of implementation:
“I was impressed with how quickly CityView Mobile was implemented for Augusta, GA. After one small configuration change made by Tech Support, we were up and running. This is one of the most efficient mobile applications we’ve dealt with. Our Building Inspectors really like it.”