Product Development

CityView Portal has been well received at Chatham County, NC: After applying for a fire alarm permit, customer Sharon R. Bowles from the Patterson Group commented, “This has been the easiest submittal I have ever done – all counties need to follow you guys into the next generation for submittals.” 

As Jenny Williams, director of Chatham County Central Permitting & Inspections, said during the portal’s launch, “We are excited to offer this new service…this is an important step in offering exceptional customer service while making it more convenient for the public.” 

Craig McEachern from the City of Airdrie, AB explains how his department uses our Outlook Add-In tool: “We are using the CityView Outlook Add-In tool primarily to attach emails to applications. In 2014 we attached 2800 emails to applications, and in 2015 we went up to 4700. In addition, we use it for extension requests that are emailed to us; verification of compliance emailed to inspectors; required reports received by email; non CityView users’ approval emails….It is really benefiting us as we get more users on, having everything related in one spot saves the time and hassle of having to track down the information.”

Alison Lincoln of the City of Grande Prairie, AB, says: “The Outlook Add-In is one of the features that our employees like best about CityView and is used by all of our staff. About 5% of the 166,467 active documents in the CityView repository are emails. When attached to CityView applications, the emails are then accessible to any user of CityView, not just the original email recipient. It also makes it easier for the user to find the emails related to the file that they are working on.”

Toni Spangler, Applications Analyst from Collier County, FL recently contacted CityView support about one of CityView’s newest features:

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that the notification is staying on the permits once the inspectors notify applicants!! This will help the inspectors be more productive and insure they keep track of who they notified!!!!!!”

Jeff Fleischer, Team Lead for Rocky View County’s Agricultural Services has been using CityView for noxious weed tracking and inspections since 2014, and has seen many benefits in productivity, processing, and reporting: “The CityView Suite has worked really well for us; it has improved the way we complete our weed inspections, and its features and capabilities helps keep the entire team on task.” (Also see: 8 Benefits Rocky View County has Gained from CityView)

"Utilizing CityView's Electronic Plans Review solution, Bluebeam, will enhance Rocky View County's planning and engineering review processes...The tool will provide an opportunity to increase service and efficiency through automation and ultimately allow for a consistent method of plan evaluation."
--Jennifer Dick, GIS Analyst, Rocky View CountyCalgary, AB

“Anyone looking for Code Enforcement software MUST look at CityView. It is such a powerful system—you can make it small with an out of box type of program or you can really make it work for you in many powerful ways. In this day you must have a program that allows you to be able to provide immediate service to the public as well as having documents and processes that support your inspector. When you define your activity flow in the system, it will help you feel comfortable that the inspector is following the legal process.”
--Pam Constabile, Code Enforcement Manager, City of Augusta, GA

Recently Pam Costabile of the City of Augusta, GA, provided feedback on the CityView Suite and also complimented Application Support Specialist Carlo Henley for his assistance with the commenting feature:
“I LOVE the comments report in both auditing and in the reports/catalog section. I am able to just do the comments without the other fields, and it really helps me in my reporting.  Carlo….you are the bomb!!”

“CityView is a software with endless possibilities… it can do as much as you want or little as you want.”
--Pamela Costabile, Code Enforcement Manager, City of Augusta, GA

Pam Constabile from the City of Augusta, GA wrote in to express her enthusiasm on the City’s upgrade to CityView version 2013, as well as the document and images attachment feature:“Love the new documents and images sheet. Can’t miss an upload now! You are the BEST!”

I really love the CityView Outlook Add-In; I know it will make some of my tasks a lot easier. I know my inspectors will also enjoy it. Thank you again for always finding new ways to make City View the BEST!!”
--Pam Constabile, Code Enforcement Manager, City of Augusta, GA

“I love CityView, and I am their number 1 fan! I love the way CityView is always growing and having new features, and look forward to reading what neat new things come out with each release.”
--Pamela C. Costabile, Code Enforcement Manager, City of Augusta, GA 

"Hi Andy, I had a chance this morning to take a look at the Backflow changes you provided. My first thought was, this is exactly what we were after. The set up is straight forward and the relationships between the property, devices, tests, testers and equipment look to be pretty easy to manage.

"I would also like to pass on an endorsement of sorts for how robust your software is…when setting up the first couple properties, we identified that we would like to maintain a few data fields that we originally determined were not necessary. Within minutes these fields were added and available to use."

--Craig McEachern of the City of Airdrie, AB

“It is fantastic that the [CityView] software gives me the flexibility to make these changes. No other software out there would let us do that without significant contracting dollars needing to be spent.”
--Craig McEachern, City of Airdrie, AB

"I just have to say I LOVE IT.  It's so easy to find properties, owners, files, etc."
--Annette Helmig of Norfolk County, ON, CA praising the CityView Search Tool.

[CityView] brings municipal departments together with one management system (property, planning, building, code enforcement, etc.) as well as offers new and innovative prebuilt extensions that provides software that we didn’t realize existed to improve the level of service to the public in a more efficient and effective way.”
--Annette Helmig, Agreement Coordinator/Planning, Norfolk County, ON, CA

Below is some of the feedback the CityView team received from customers on the Q4 2013 customer satisfaction (NPS) survey:

“I really like the program. I love that you can get different reports on pretty much all data that is entered into the program.”
--Meaghan Misener, Building Clerk, Town of Lakeshore, ON, CA

“The software is easy to use and customer service is excellent.”
--Maureen Lesperance, Planning Coordinator, Town of Lakeshore, ON, CA

“I have used several other tracking software programs, and this is the most comprehensive software I have used.
--Hillary Taylor, Staff Planner, Teton County, WY

“The City of Ontario has been a long time client and user of CityView software. We are extremely pleased with the product and the customer service provided by the company and its staff. We just underwent an upgrade and I must say that this situation has been a true test of our relationship and CityView has passed with flying colors.”
--Donna McKnight, Supervising Code Enforcement Officer, City of Ontario, California

“For what I do on a daily basis, it is very helpful to be efficient when following the workflow that is programmed. It assures all activities are completed that are required for documenting.”
--Dee Pulse, Investigator, Collier County, FL

“So far our ‘relationship’ has been awesome! From the initial quote, testing, conferences, and of course we just went live on Monday, your staff has been great! The product worked and when it didn't Shannon worked on it until it did!!!”
--Tina Russell, Permitting Tech II, City of Grande Prairie, AB, CA

We have always appreciated CityView customer support, particularly John Edwards’ support to our sometimes weird problems.”
--Michael C. Kane, Municipal Assessor, Voorhees Township, NJ

The software provides an overall solution for all our processes…I think we have a great relationship, keep up the good work!”
--Ana M. Silbernagel, Director, Cherokee County, GA

The configurability of CityView allows us to implement changes quickly and at no additional cost. We have support from our own internal IT department, but do not require a dedicated CityView IT person on staff. The system is designed simply enough to allow us to implement business process changes as needed; it doesn’t take a developer to make these changes.
The value added is the cost savings from not having to pay the vendor for these changes. Therefore, we don’t have to go through the process of asking for additional funding every time we need to improve our process and make changes in CityView. With the economy like it is, CityView lets us do more with less.”

--Ana Silbernagel, Permit Manager and Brenda Flowers, IT Sr. DBA; Cherokee County, GA

Susan Schaeffer from Manheim Township, PA wrote in with praise for the CityView cloning feature on permits:
“I’ve used the cloning feature when I have had to enter multiple sign permits on the same address or multiple building permits for semi-detached homes for senior living on one parcel. Before I would have to enter the owner’s name and address, contractor’s name and address, and applicant’s name, permit type and fee for each permit. Now I only need to enter all the information once, then I can choose how many similar permits I want to create and what information I want to duplicate. Not only does this save me time, but helps reduce mistakes and missed information.”

Holly Mercier appreciates the work done by the CityView Support team in assisting the City of West St. Paul, MN increase efficiencies in document management:
“Stuck in the transition between our paper systems and our paperless goals, we were looking for ways to increase efficiencies in the scanning and indexing of our paper permit documents. The CityView team understood our need and was able to provide the support needed to get it done. There was a quick and easy way to pull the needed information out of the database and into a series of barcodes printed at the top of our permit letters."

“These permit letters can now be used as a cover-sheets for permit documents which can quickly be scanned and automatically indexed in our Laserfiche document management system. This is a huge time saver - a great value added at no additional cost. Thanks for the support CityView!”

“The payback of using CityView has been big for Grove City. We average 3000 commercial and residential permits and over 8000 inspections a year and we’re able to do this with 3 permit clerks and 4 building inspectors. Nearly 60 percent of our inspections are now scheduled online so we had almost 4000 fewer inspections-related phone calls in 2009. Our contractors love that they get their inspection results by email as soon as the inspection is done. We’ve seen a reduction in the number of call-backs and cancelled inspections because they can now be scheduled after we close for the day. It used to take us several weeks to get all the information together for annual state reports but now we’re able to generate those same reports and have them in the mail in minutes. CityView has dramatically improved the way we do business and allows us to increase the level of service that we provide to our citizens. That’s why we even named a street after the software.” 
--Mike Boso, City of Grove City, OH

“CityView’s flexibility has saved us thousands in training costs because new employees are up to speed in weeks, not months. In addition, we saved $ 100,000 in revenue the first year we had CityView, over our old inflexible system. We have been able to deliver the same level of service to our citizens, with less staff...”
--John Meck, Development Services Manager, Rockingham County, VA

We found that some of our inspectors already had smartphones and tablet devices, and since they all cost about the same we gave them the choice to use whatever they want with CityView. We paid for the entire CityView Mobile system including hardware and software in just over two months just in gas savings from the reduced travel our inspectors have to make back and forth to the County offices.”
--John Meck, Development Services Manager, Rockingham County, VA

“The flexibility and configurability of CityView has significantly aided our ability to train new employees. It used to take six months to get a new employee up to speed with how the processes worked and CityView has allowed us to cut that down to about a 2 week window. It’s amazing!”
--John Meck, Development Services Manager, Rockingham County, VA

“Due to CityView’s flexibility and configuration tools, we don’t have to go back to our City Council to ask for money every time we need to make a change to the software, or add a new process. We know that we can be creative and use the CityView software to bring many different processes together cohesively – this is huge for us! If other government agencies take the time to invest in CityView today, it will deliver now and continue to deliver in the future.
--Desiree Hourigan, Applications Administrator, City of Lee's Summit, MO

"The CityView product is providing the flexibility we had been seeking in allowing our processes to be automated and to greatly expand access to live information for field inspections staff across multiple departments."
--Randy Dickey, Chief Technology Officer, City of Lee's Summit, MO

"We are excited about using CityView's configuration tools to help us continue to deliver a more business-friendly process now and in the future. This product allows us to create consistent methods for data submission and evaluation, and to easily configure application types, business processes, fees, and reports to match our specific needs."
--Desiree Hourigan, Applications Administrator, City of Lee's Summit, MO

Steve Wilson, Project Manager for Chatham-Kent explains why the Municipality chose CityView, “As a result of an information technology strategic plan, we identified the need to implement core business and government solutions that would meet current and future needs, based on emerging technologies, IT trends and best practices. After reviewing the market’s leading software solutions, we determined that CityView provided the most flexible solution to meet our diverse range of needs. CityView offered solutions such as cemetery and parking management in addition to permits and land management solutions. The depth of CityView’s configuration tools were a key factor in our decision to select it for our eGovernment solution.”

In terms of the value of CityView’s engines I can’t extol them enough. CityView allows us to have business rules in a GUI in the same application with the data we are collecting. If a business rule changes, I simply just change the appropriate rule or fee in CityView; I don’t have to go looking around for a scheduled task or SQL script. And since the rules sit alongside the data entry forms, I just ‘right click’ on the form to see which rules affect the data in what way. This feature alone saves me huge amounts of time when applying business rule changes.

Any person with security permissions to adjust the rules can learn to do it without requiring scripting or programming knowledge. This is a huge boon to groups who can’t readily access skilled IT resources.

The simple configurability of CityView’s rules engine allows me to manage CityView’s workflows without having to write any code and it helps me to manage complex workflows in a single place. These two points alone save me so much time compared to before….Now, I can adjust a fee, change an automatic email recipient, and redirect an activity workflow all within five minutes.”

--Ted Corpus, IT Application Support, City of Langford, BC

Scott Salsbury of Blue Earth County, MN wrote in to report his organization's success with CityView 2013 and its new Outlook Add-in tool:
"...We had CityView 2013 and the Outlook Add-In installed in production on Friday. The new search tool is really slick! It is going to save people a lot of time. I think people are as excited about the new search tool as they are about the Outlook Add-In. Your developers did a great job with the new search tool! Our users are really impressed by how easy it is to use. There were many happy CityView users this morning when we introduced them to the new tool and the Outlook Add-In."

“With the implementation of CityView Mobile our field inspectors don’t have to wait until they return to the office to input their inspection results. Customers get inspection results more quickly and inspectors can use their time in the office to assist customers and respond to phone calls.”
--Judy Bocklage, Senior Planner, Township of Canton, MI