Feedback on the 2015 Harris Customer Training Conference

“I thought it was a great conference. The meals were wonderful and the people were great!” -- Karen Brewer, City of Bloomington, MN

"I'm always amazed at the logistics involved with lodging, feeding and moving to the off-site venue the large number of conference users.You guys do a fantastic job. The off-site venues have been very enjoyable. I really liked the idea of the charity event and would love to participate in future events at the conferences." -- Susan Schaeffer, Manheim Township, PA

"A very well organized conference.  Probably the best I have ever been to.  Keep up the good work." -- Barry Gorst, Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, ON

Feedback on the 2013 Harris Customer Training Conference

From CityView customer Alicia Arana of the Eastern Municipal Water District:

“I wanted to follow up and say thank you for the pens (our end users enjoyed receiving them) and the nice Thank you note. We appreciate how much effort the CityView team puts into the conferences; we always come back with information we feel is useful to help us improve.”

From CityView customer Debbie Freeman of the City of Augusta, GA:

“I really enjoyed every session, especially the training sessions. I seem to never know everything that our current version does, and learning what's coming up is exciting! Once again, I took a LOT of notes this year. Thanks to ALL who put so much effort into it.” 

Feedback on the 2012 Harris Customer Training Conference:

From CityView customer Karleena Evans from the City of Grande Prairie, AB:

“To the entire CityView team, Thank you for such a wonderful conference and being an excellent host! We had a great time and learned so much about the impressive and expanding capabilities of CityView. Your team was inviting, energetic, and open to constructive compliments and criticisms. The conference was informative and motivating, not to mention a LOT of fun. I look forward to working with you all and seeing you at the next conference.”