Why Choose CityView?

Local Government Building, Licensing, Inspections, Public Works and other departments use CityView to reduce customer call volume, shorten issuance times, increase citizen self-service, increase inspector productivity, and reduce paper and manual processes.

Learn why public sector organizations across North America have consistently chosen CityView as their community development solution for more than three decades.

Industry Experts

Since 1982, CityView has focused on creating and implementing land and records management and enforcement software for local governments in North America. In fact, CityView was created by former public sector employees who instilled their first-hand experience of local government needs and challenges into the software they built and the company culture they fostered. Even today, we are experts in what we do because that’s all we do!

Starting with the very first conversation you have as a prospective customer with a CityView employee, to the regular delivery of new and exciting features with each new CityView release as a customer, you will experience this unwavering commitment of our staff and embodiment of that commitment into our product.

What does this mean for you as a customer? Combining an understanding of your needs with an unrelenting focus and dedication creates a product best suited to solving your business problems and providing the tools to make you and your staff more productive, your citizens more conveniently served, and your communities safer.

We are not leaders in this marketplace because we’ve been doing it for more than three decades; we have been doing it for more than three decades because we are leaders in this marketplace.

Customer-Oriented Design

While our staff has over 200 years of combined domain expertise working with the CityView software, our real experts are our long-term customers who use the product day in and day out. That’s why our software continues to evolve and improve, based on our customers’ needs and suggestions. We listen and incorporate their business requirements into the software and we roll those enhancements out with regular releases to benefit our entire customer base.

Our product has always been CityView. We have never inherited another company’s product or source code, or tried to merge products together. We have built and continued to evolve CityView from the start. This has given the product a tremendous amount of depth and all components are completely integrated. This reduces your risk and improves our ability to meet your business process needs out of the box.

Unsurpassed Flexibility

We do not deliver static software; we deliver dynamic solutions. Your regulations, building codes, customer demands, and departmental organizations are not static. All of these change constantly. Rigid software does not adapt to these changes without considerable time and expense.

We have always understood this, and as a result, we have consistently built CityView to be extremely malleable. In fact, many of our customers use the configuration and development tools themselves to adapt the software on a day to day basis, keeping their jurisdictions and their users current. This not only saves them money but greatly empowers them to evolve at their own pace.

Having flexible software also means we can spend our development time more productively on innovative enhancements to help our customers.

“As a result of an information technology strategic plan, we identified the need to implement core business and government solutions that would meet current and future needs, based on emerging technologies, IT trends and best practices. After reviewing the market’s leading software solutions, we determined that CityView provided the most flexible solution to meet our diverse range of needs. CityView offered solutions such as cemetery and parking management in addition to permits and land management solutions. The depth of CityView’s configuration tools were a key factor in our decision to select it for our eGovernment solution.”

- Steve Wilson, Project Manager, Municipality of Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada

"The CityView product is providing the flexibility we had been seeking in allowing our processes to be automated and to greatly expand access to live information for field inspections staff across multiple departments."

--Randy Dickey, Chief Technology Officer, City of Lee's Summit, MO

Peace of Mind

You want transparent Government, not transparent citizens. Your constituents demand it. As the custodians of public data, you have a duty both to protect the integrity and security of the data but also to make that which is publicly available readily accessible. This is a massive responsibility and one that requires a system that helps you manage risk, reducing your exposure to liability issues. CityView does this through:

  • A robust, granular security model: CityView offers our customers exceptional control over system access and permissions, tools to maintain data integrity and comprehensive auditing of changes.
  • Providing safeguarding cash controls.
  • Removing the burden of technology risk: we maintain compliance with the third party technologies CityView relies on and those it integrates with.
  • Our Annual Maintenance Agreement, which ensures customer and technical support, ongoing software development and upgrades and assurance that you will never have to seek another vendor solution again.
  • Financial stability: Peace of mind comes from a combination of system and vendor reliance and trust. Since 1976 Harris Computer Systems has been a leading provider of vertical software solutions to the Public Sector, Schools, Utility, and Healthcare agencies throughout North America. With over 8,800 customers, Harris’ focus is on creating long-term relationships with its customers and ensuring that it meets their changing needs over time. Learn more at www.harriscomputer.com.

Forward Thinking

Over the years, we have remained firmly committed to technology innovation and have acquired an intimate knowledge of our industry to stay in tune with, or ahead of, competitor and customer requirements. Today, we have industry-leading applications and, as we move forward, we will continue to evolve and enhance our core technologies and product functionality to meet your next generation of business challenges.